Classification and characteristics of garment lining

Clothing lining is a part of the clothes inside the cloth, can play a supporting role stereotyping and tension, so that the effect of pretty clothes to flat. Lining of the classification of many commonly used classification of the following methods.First of all, with the weight divided by thickness: thin hair interlining, medium and heavy hair interlining . Second, the type of fabric and processed by Way of: cotton, linen lining, hair interlining, resin interlining, fusible interlining, waist lining, tie lining.

The basic role of hair interlining is mainly the following aspects: the overall garment crisp, clear and straight hem to achieve the ideal design model requirements; to maintain the structure of the garment a good and stable size; to improve and increase processing performance and fabric The wrinkle resistance and strength; improve the warmth of clothing and to wear clothing firm.

Under the hair interlining of the processing methods and different types of fabric were carried out on the lining Description:

Cotton, linen hair interlining than the original, is not only finishing or sizing Hard Finishing cotton cloth or linen. Cotton lining in the city fabric, coarse and fine cloth lining material can be used as a general garment interlining, of which the pull of the cloth is mainly used for catchy, armhole, bottom and other parts used as a tension or shape, its clothing structure and form a stable reinforcement effect. The linen lining due to its use of raw materials for the hemp fiber and has a certain degree of flexibility and toughness, is widely used in various types of wool uniforms, suits and coats and apparel.

Hair interlining, including black carbon hair interlining and cauda equina. Lining is black carbon fiber with the animal (goat hair interlining, yak hair interlining, human hair interlining, etc.) or wool yarn for the weft, cotton or cotton blended yarn for the warp processed into fabric, made by a special finishing; Horsetail lining cloth is Horsetail is used for weft, cotton or polyester-cotton blended yarn is processed into fabric warp, and then by setting and resin processing. Because black carbon Horsetail lining cloth lining and fabric are the main animal fibers, so they have good flexibility, good dimensional stability and anisotropy (to close by the hanging, zonal and keeps scalable) features, applications in full costume in the shape to produce crisp results, usually black carbon lining is mainly used for suits, coats, uniforms, jackets and other clothing predecessor, shoulders, sleeves and other parts, Horsetail lining are mainly used for shoulder, chest and other parts.

Resin lining is cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric or knitted fabric as base cloth, bleaching or dyeing and other finishing, and after lining made of resin finishing. Resin interlining include cotton lining resin, polyester resin blend lining, pure polyester resin lining; which cotton resin lining its small shrinkage, dimensional stability, comfortable clothing and other characteristics used in the collar, and other parts of the predecessor, In addition, for the production belt, waistband, etc.; polyester blend resin lining their flexibility as well as good characteristics in all types of clothing are widely used in the collar, formerly, split head, pockets, cuffs and other parts, in addition to a large number of used production of waist lining, fillet lining, etc.; pure polyester resin lining because of its excellent flexibility and feel smooth and widely used in various types of clothing, it is a higher quality resin lining.

Interlining Interlining that melt, hot melt adhesive applied to the end of it is made of cloth lining. The need to use a certain temperature, pressure and time conditions, so that linings and fabrics (or lining) bond, to clothing and keeps its appearance and elasticity results. Interlining during use due to the complicated sewing without processing, very suitable for industrial production, but also with today's clothing is thin, pretty, cool trend of demand, it is widely used in modern clothing and the primary lining.

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