Brief introduction of hair interlining suit

Wool lined suit increasingly month loved by the people, this is why?

Wool lining to understand, first of all need to understand the hair interlining. A good clothing have a good shape, appropriate touch, especially after prolonged wear and washing can not be deformed, which are inseparable from the fabric lining below. The role of hair interlining can be summarized as follows: to give a good curve and the physical clothing; enhanced clothing stiff and flexible, enhanced three-dimensional; improve the drape of clothing and fabrics feel, enhanced comfort clothing; increase in thick clothing sense of fullness sense of thermal insulation; to prevent deformation of clothing, so wear clothes to keep their original shape after washing; on clothing with some local strengthening and reinforcement. Industry often called garment interlining to the "skeleton", shows the importance of good interlining for clothing. However, due to the internal lining is in the clothing, most consumers do not realize that high-quality lining the importance of clothing.

So what is the liner wool suit it? Suit is the most important men suits, formal and dignified style of its representatives of the men's social status. On the whole, the suits at home and abroad are divided into three kinds of production process: traditional crafts, semi-traditional techniques and modern technology.

Suits produced by traditional technology, the suit said wool lining. Traditional crafts follow suit lining with hair interlining means that a large body suit jacket, noodles and other parts of the head and split without linings, all use high quality carbon black lining. Suit the chest and shoulders used by high-quality carbon black hair interlining, high density Mawei velvet lining and chest combination of chest lining. Using this technology stitched suits, body clothes not only fit, comfort, and suit the shape of flowing lines, three-dimensional feeling strong. In particular, forming a very full chest suit, crisp. Because of this suit sewing is mainly manual work is exquisite, making the process of consuming more hours of work, selection of fabrics and accessories are very high, so high production costs of suit, costs about 5 normal suit ~ 6 times. This technology is advanced custom suit at home and abroad and of high quality suits preferred production process. Moreover, the production of wool lined suit for plant equipment and processes suit demanding a considerable part of the business can not afford to produce wool lined suit.

Semi-traditional crafts in the traditional suit suit is based on appropriate technology simplified form, it retains the main features of traditional craft, produced by this process, also known as semi-wool suit suit lining. Semi-regular in the former suit wool lining parts of the garment is a big body to use fusible interlining lining, over a large section of the site of the waist and use high-quality carbon black hair interlining disposes chest lining. In the chest and shoulders same high-quality carbon black lining selected, high-density Mawei velvet lining and chest made of a combination of chest lining. Produced by this process suits, clothing and body more thin, smooth, wear fit and comfort. Compared with the traditional process suits, it is relatively easy to practice, time, processing costs have decreased, but the clothing is less than for shape preserving traditional crafts suit.

Suit modern technology is used to meet the mass production assembly line process, using this technique, also known as linings made suit suit. Modern technology and traditional crafts of traditional and semi-extensive use of the largest difference is that instead of black carbon lining linings, made using a combination of pre-processed shape chest lining. Suit modern technology greatly improves production efficiency, reduce costs, but it suits the type of protection is less than the former two.

To sum up, wearing hair interlining suit for men, not only show the elegant and pure, the suit also experience 200 years of history, nature will reveal unusual maturity and steady temperament.

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